Evoking the Horse

Indigenous Artists of the North American Plains

Online Exhibition

Welcome to this online exhibition which showcases Native American art relating to horses, bringing together the artwork of several contemporary Northern Plains artists. These collected works consider the relationship between people and horses, and the cultural, spiritual and political significance of the horse both in the past and today.

This small collection represents artists from the Apsáalooke (Crow), Pikuni (Blackfeet), and Lakota (western Sioux) Nations. It presents original artworks from Mona Bear Medicine Crow, Ernest Marceau, Birdie Real Bird, and Jeremy Johnson, along with printed works from Earl Biss and Butch ThunderHawk. The artists take inspiration from historical Indigenous artistic traditions, such as ledger drawing, painted parfleche designs, and beadwork, whilst innovating and reworking ideas to respond to their contemporary world.

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