Artist Ernest Marceau
Nation Pikuni (Blackfeet)
Date 2019
Size 21.6 x 27.9 cm
MaterialPen on letter paper
Gifted by Ernest Marceau

“I always found that drawing a horse is kinda hard to do […] it’s kinda a hard animal to say “stand exactly still, I wanna draw you”, but you gotta study the horse, you know their joints, […] how they move, and how they run and rear up, and it’s trying to capture the motion and the beauty of the horse on a piece of paper with my drawings, my pen and ink drawings or pencil drawings. I just find that the best way to really understand the horse is just to imagine yourself as what a horse would do – run around and move around, […] you sort of make yourself feel almost like the horse, but […] with a pen or pencil in your hand – you’re doing a self-portrait in a sense […], and you create the movement and […] the wind blowing the mane, and what gives the horse life, by the movement of the horse, and how you create the horse, and you’re in a sense generating art that is you, but at the same time you’re trying to draw the horse.”

Ernest Marceau